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About LJ’s Water Ice

Since we began serving our Italian water ice in 2022, we’ve been dedicated to bringing fun to every corner of our community. We love being part of your special moments when you book us for sporting events, festivals, swim clubs, and wherever else our push carts go.

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Here at LJ's, we like to keep things fun and upbeat, always staying true to our company motto:


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Our Values

Above all else we want you to have fun and stay cool! A delicious frozen treat can turn an ordinary day into an exciting one, and that’s what we hope happens every time we visit your area of town. At LJ’s Water Ice, we love being a part of such a wonderful community here in Delaware, and creating relationships with our neighbors brings our team so much joy.

At LJ’s Water Ice, we especially love when we get to work hand-in-hand with local businesses, organizations, and people. Visiting schools, religious organizations, and charity or fundraising events makes us proud to be a part of our community.

We hope you choose us for your next special event in Delaware! Contact LJ’s Water Ice to learn more about how you can book us.

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